Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why I'm taking RTF 305

Despite the fact that you have to take the class in order to pursue other courses in Radio-TV-Film, my goals or what I hope to take from the class, is an understanding on how the media industries work, how they are structured, how they function etc… I want to know their inside workings in order for me to break out into a career as a storyteller. That can be in a wide variety of media but my main focus is on film. Oh one more thing, I would also like to meet people that are as interested as me in Film and share ideas etc…

I am not so hot on following Blogs but there is one that has some very insightful stuff on film and that is because it is run by David Bordwell the author of FILM ART: An Introduction.

Another blog I visit frequently is John August’s blog on screenwriting:

Lastly this is a wallpaper I maintain with the posters from my favorite films and my not so favorite films but have in somehow affected me:

See if you can name all 71 titles.


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